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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Make your own Tee-shirt

Do you want signs to encourage the Buddy System on the Silver Comet Trail, or all the trails you go on? One suggestion is: 
1. Get a light colored tee-shirt
2. Get cardboard or foil to go inside to keep the Sharpie from going through.
3. Write in large letters: BUDDY SYSTEM

I am doing this today! I have several tie dyed shirts from Crazy Native. They have given some shirts to this nonprofit. 
They make beautiful shirts with natural dyes.

Get a paper cup, rubber bands, sharpies and alcohol and make your own instantly. The alcohol makes the sharpies "smear" so they look cool. I am posting pictures today.

Don't want a t-shirt to wear? Make a poncho! Go to Poncho Power on Youtube and find the pattern. Don't want a poncho?
Go to Evangehats and find out how to make a hat. Or you can always make a sign similar to a racing sign that says, "Buddy System." 

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Here is a site for Cuddle Project:

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