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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Buddy System speech at the GHHS at Emory University

What I plan to speak about at the Emory University Global Health and Humanitarian Summit,

1. There are very few interesting stories about how the buddy system stopped crime. If you are not a target, nothing happens.
2. There are loads of interesting stories of people who were alone who were targeted for crime.
3. The Buddy System is taught in Scouting, law enforcement, diving, kayaking, ice fishing, fire, EMT, and all military branches of training. (Youtube)
4. Finding a Buddy is a challenge. We live in a solitary society where people are solitary.
5. How to find a Buddy to implement the Buddy System. A. Family, B. Friends. C. Neighbors, D. Community structure (church/synagogue, clubs, work, etc.), E. Internet: Buddy System MeetUp began in February (MeetUp, Craigslist, Facebook, Twitter).
6. Reminders to use the Buddy System will be a coin purse with "Buddy System: Fear Thou Not" printed on the purse. It is shaped like a foot ball. I have to do fund raising for the coin purse.
7. Merchants can be encouraged to promote the Buddy System because it doubles business.
8. A list of resources such as,,, and, will be discussed.