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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Songs sung on the Silver Comet Trail
No one ever donated an air pump for the Sheriff's Deputies. Ask the deputies what they need. You might be surprised at how much you as a citizen can help.

This is a Spanish song for babies I am learning. So many babies are on the Silver Comet Trail. I sang to one for a little while today. She did not like Puccini so much, but she was OK with Puppy Dogs are Beautiful and the Insy Winsy Spider.

I am singing Puccini and Patty Loveless songs, and Wildwood Flower. Tommy and I also sang The Lion Sings Tonight. We need help on the background/percussion. I wish there were more musicians there. We might get better! I want to learn the Lari White song, Just Thinking. I love it.

The less isolated the Silver Comet Trail is, the less crime.
I don't have a recent picture of the Silver Comet Trail, so I am adding a picture of a bird house that is out of focus. Maybe I need a new camera?

The Sheriff's Deputies could use an air pump if anyone will please donate one. If people make a donation to me, and I donate the money/air pump for bikes, then it will help your taxes, because Fear Thou Not, PO Box 1268, Hiram, GA 30141 is a nonprofit/501 (c) 3. A Fear Thou Not receipt will help your taxes, and might help a stranded biker who needs air. This happened today. Someone needed air, and Tommy, who is on the board of Fear Thou Not, helped him with his air pump.